Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survey says....

Although there are plenty of books for parents and spouses of people with mental illness, research into growing up with a mentally ill parent has been sadly lacking. Until now, there has been no systematic research whatsoever into the effects of growing up as the child of a hoarder. If you're interested in contributing to the field of knowledge about being raised in a hoarded home, keep reading.

From Dr. Suzanne Chabaud:
Thank you for participating in my research on Adult-Children of Hoarders.  This research is unique in that it taps into so many aspects people’s lives from childhood to future expectations. The conclusions we derive from the completed surveys will guide future research, education, intervention, and outreach for people who grow up in hoarded homes.
Some of you may have participated in the Interview Component of the research. Thank you, again! We are offering for you to participate in this Phase, as well. You are under no obligation.
I know that completing about 200 questions in the survey can be tiring so please take breaks as needed. Do not feel compelled to complete it in one sitting. You may exit the survey and return at a later time. Try your best to answer all of the questions, as I believe that each is valuable. The more completed surveys I receive, the more I can make meaningful conclusions.
It is also important to use the navigation buttons inside of the document; the software only saves information in pages and only when “next” is used to navigate. In order to insure anonymity, we have also programmed the survey to allow exiting and reentering the survey through a web link. Because of this, you will need to use the same computer each time you log back in to continue with your progress. It is best to use IE or Firefox. Chrome has had a couple of compatibility problems.
Thank you, again, for your valuable participation! I hope that you can feel proud for what you are providing. I also hope that your self-examination will be enlightening for you too. If you have questions while you are taking the survey, please feel free to email me. Any technical issues, please email Ms. DuBois at She will happily assist you.
Dr. Suzanne Chabaud

You can take the survey here.

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