Saturday, December 10, 2011

Only a hoarder's child

So I just read this post about a kitchen fire in a hoarded kitchen and I had to laugh out of sheer recognition. I've posted several times about daydreaming that my mother's house would catch fire, thereby eliminating the eventual need for my brother and me to clean it up. Apparently, I'm not the only one out there who would appreciate a little divine intervention in the form of a house fire. But I'm pretty sure that only another hoarder's child would file a kitchen fire in the hoarded home under the category of "a Christmas miracle." Under the circumstances, it seems totally understandable.

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  1. Perhaps this is a shameless plug, but I own a hoarding cleanup company ( ) and have worked with hundreds of hoarders and family members of hoarders. I found your post a little comical in that, most family members of hoarders that I work with joke that we should just light a match.

    My childhood best friend's mom was a hoarder and at my young age, I didn't understand it. My best friend was so ashamed and it took her years to ever let me see her house. I remember trying to help her clean dishes that over took the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, my friend passed away at 21, but I wonder if I found my calling because of her?

    Happy holidays my heart goes out to your and your family.